13/03: Row-Z Almost Home and Ready to Ride


I haven't been using my brain much lately, as testimony has it, and I turn to the Origins of Virtue and Thomas Hobbes Leviathan to entertain myself...

What are we doing? The Japanese woman in front of me is watching Talladega Nights. The Chinese couple next to me is sleeping off a humbao hangover and I am listening to "They Call Me the Breeze". I guess I have been feeling, not, not rationalizing, recovering, reconciling things which are long since past. After all it was a vacation...and there was ouzo!

What am I doing? I find peace in the Origins of Virtue for it pulls a focus from my ego to my intellect forcing consideration of that which is beyond my control but very much in my realm of influence. There is virtue and as well a Leviathan in all of us. But who is called to order when we commit to charitable acts. The virtuous self one would consider. But he is only determined virtuous based on whom we concluded the Leviathan.

This was a good vacation, and now as I wing myself, jet lagged and bedraggled, toward home I contemplate the tata I will help prepare to serve the guests who have agreed to join us in San Fran for St Patrick's blow it out your blarney brunch we are hosting to raise money for the AIDS/Lifecycle.

Then I gotta start riding!

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