44 and still rollin'

There comes a time, in the chronology of things, when occasions go marked (and they will) by “those” cards…you know which cards I mean…the cards which invite our inner goddess (whoever she is!) out to play…that offer us new ways to think about girdles and facial hair or guide us to mirrors that will hide our double chins, sagging breasts, and pot bellyhangovers. The cards where women start looking like men…and we are all wearing purple!!

So who cares and what’s your point this time Row-Z?

Well, today more so than any other day this year, I care, because today I turned 44. And this year as never before, I received for the first time…”those” cards…which means…I am officially old.

But…I mean really… what was I expecting today when I looked inside my Cracker Jack box? I mean…lets face it I have been in my 40’s now officially for 4 years…and know what…mustache aside, it has been great!

But oh no don’t think for a minute that I walk this side of the hill unawares that I am starting to look more like my mother (and my father) every day…that chocolate should be labeled “chuck-that” because every time I down a kiss the junk in my trunk rattles a little larger.

So…given the fact that I have been carded for the last time…unless I try to take a flight on a major airline or give blood…what am I gonna do with this year?

Dan-O my trusted companion and side kick helped me figure this out. Over a peanut butter and jelly ice cream cake that we washed down with my favorite Proseco, we talked about Peter Pan, Never Never Land, and how we are going to stay young.


For me, age is a state of mind as well as a state of fitness and so we talked about our next ride, training for the AIDS Lifecycle. You know, it’s been snowing…and snowing…did I mention its snowing…well into April and we are ready for spring. By this time last year we had retired our skis and were getting ready for our first century ride. But not this year, we ski and will ski until late April and so have had to consider points east, landing this time in Pendleton, Oregon.

The Century Ride of the Centuries is a three-day supported ride through the Century Farms in and surrounding Pendleton, Oregon. The “CROC” as it is called, is noted for the varied routes, rolling terrain, and the Monday ride up the formidable Cabbage Hill. The ride offers meals and entertainment served by friendly volunteers and organizers. The terrain is challenging, but with enough variety that all levels of riders can enjoy themselves. The CROC features a century, metric century, and recreational family rides and riders can enjoy vistas of historic Oregon farms and the Oregon Trail while rolling through the Eastern Oregon countryside and the Blue Mountains. You can get more information about the ride by contacting:

The Century Ride of the Centuries
Event Date: Memorial Day Weekend
When: Friday May 23rd through Monday May 26
Location: Pendleton/Wildhorse

For Dan-O and I, we are looking at this one. Perhaps, if we are lucky it will turn back the croc of time. Between then and now however we need to do a little crosstraining and have some serious work to do on that birthday cake. Row-Z Out!

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