29/04: Some Days are Diamonds

The song goes "some days are diamonds some days are stones" well in the course of three days of riding I managed to have both. Friday, Rob and I went out for a quick shot up the North Shore of Long Island from CW Post up to the Long Island Sound at Bayville. Friday was the pearl, 60 plus degrees, virtually no wind, empty tree sheltered well paved streets, courteous drivers, what more can a cyclist ask of life.

Rob and I were also engaged in a business discussion so the ride was a rolling conference, but what an office… If only we could do this more often. Wait, that’s why we are doing all this stuff with pedalpushers and the like…

So Rob is obviously quite used to riding in this neck of the woods as he led onward with confidence and resolve. Personally I felt badly displaced, missing all the Diesel Fumes and 18 wheelers, SUV’s and garbage trucks I normally ride alongside of. In any case we made the 17 mile or so round trip handily and it was literally one of the diamond days of cycling. Bayville is still gorgeous, the Northshore is still gods country and for those of you who think of Long Island as flat, we have Terminal Morraines, in fact we are a Terminal Moraine. So we have elevation gains, I mean CW Post is all of 47 meters in elevation and Bayville is at sea level. The roads actually take you up and down this elevation two or three times each way. So figure it out, we even climbed 3 ups and downs each way there and back, heck we climbed a whopping 846 feet in all! ;-)

Now remember Rob rides with a highly aggressive pack of riders and I dawdle, but hey I actually hung on. (Wheel Sucking the whole way as I was totally lost) Gotta love those Diamond days.

Oh yeah the stones? Well Lee and I decided that we’d ride our bike over to Atlantic nursery to buy the vegetable plants and some impatiens for the garden. So, I busted out the Burley Trailer and the Cannondale Mountain Bike, and Lee broke out "Simple" (her Giant Beach Cruiser) and we set off for Freeport on a seven mile environmentally friendly bike trip eschewing the car. Well as you can see from the picture, Lee was wrapped up like Nanook of the North, and I was similarly attired. It was chilly, cloudy and the wind was howling smack dab into our faces. This should have been a nice spring garden planting ride, but instead we were treated to a fall - time to hang up the bikes - freezer burn ride instead. But we made it. Happily back amongst the broken pavement, potholes and rude drivers we were back in my element on the South Shore, feeling appropriately punished and thus liberated by our stone riding day! The garden and impatiens all went in and the rain came down to water them…

I hear it should stop raining soon, more to come If it ever does…!

Ed note: As I send this up to the blog the sun has broken in on my lonely IT garret here in Chelsea, downtown Manhattan, but this ending is so good I am leaving it alone. ;-)

Ed Note 2: A Terminal Moraine is the pile debris left by a melting glacier at the end of its greatest extension. Long Island is that pile of debris scraped off of Canada and New England by the great ice age.

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