05/08: An Interesting Development on Wednesday

I was riding along on my new Northern Corridor Commute route somewhere near the Merchant's Concourse when a Black late 1990's version Jeep pulled alongside as I pedaled into the headwind. I looked across my left shoulder at the two somewhat post-pubescent male occupants as the engine roared spewing its noxious fumes of partially burnt $4.00 a gallon gasoline. We were keeping pace fairly well, but I was burning body fat instead of fossil fuels.

OK so some people would argue that burning my body fat DOES CONSTITUTE a fossil fuel, but we will eschew that argument for a moment. I was sweating profusely at the time and what with battling the headwind and all I was in a less than chipper mood. This particular stretch of the journey from Hempstead Turnpike up to Old Country Road, is a high traffic, high speed section that really demands giving it all you;ve got in term of developing velocity. Anyway, back to the story... So, as I turn my head back into the wind, I hear some one call out in a remarkable display of literary acumen, "Queer!"

The term, obviously meant as a derision, began my thinking... OK, lets see. We are engaged in a value judgment here. I am exercising, eschewing petro-chemical based energy sources, decreasing automotive traffic, and doing all I can to help the planet. The epithet hurling, in-efficient fuel consuming, immature, and intellectually limited Jeep occupants are getting fatter letting dinosaurs haul their pathetic souls around as their internal combustion drips foul oil on the roadways, polluting the air we breath, and tanking our economy, transferring $700,000,000 annually from our economy to the nations of the Far East who hate our guts.

My pedaling to work will not in and of itself alter that hemorraghic outpouring of our nation's wealth, although it will help, especially if more of our readers join us byusing their bicycles instead of their cars. But there is actually more we can do. Take thirty seconds and please watch this video. Then if you agree in principle with the ideas expressed here, please join my group of friends at Pickens Plan Dot Com

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